Research and Development

We can customize any of our products for the needs of your company and the tasks of your project:
  • synthesize any of our materials in the required form (dispersion, powder, film, aerogel, etc.) reported in the literature (send us a link to the article/articles, we will get familiarized and describe you possible solutions of your task)
  • select the required medium (solvents, stabilizers, components) to obtain colloidal dispersion (suspension) of any of our graphene materials
  • modify any of our products by the components needed within the frame of your task: metal oxides, salts, polymers, nanocarbon materials, etc. according to your description of material composition and synthesis method
We carry out the "turnkey" development of new graphene-containing materials:
  • composites: polymer-carbon, carbon-carbon, metal oxide-carbon, metal-carbon
  • films: ultrathin (< 100 nm), thin (1-1 μm), thick (>100 μm)
  • coatings: hydrophilic, hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, self-cleaning, anti-icing
  • electroconductive inks/glues
  • and others according to your request
We perform joint research and development projects within the field of graphene-containing materials on mutually beneficial conditions:
  • we are ready to take over part of the project on the materials’ development and subsequent analysis of its properties (the presence of the required analytical equipment is discussed in advance)
  • develop the technology for material synthesis, suggest facile solutions on its further production
  • develop the technology for material modification/deposition/stabilization based on the already existing technological process
  • carry out the analysis of scientific and technical literature as well as patents within the scope of the performed R&D project
Our team members have extensive experience in the research and development of graphene based materials:

Hole-matrixed carbonylated graphene: Synthesis, properties, and highly-selective ammonia gas sensing

Carbon, 2021, 172, 236-247

Unveiling a facile approach for large-scale synthesis of N-doped graphene with tuned electrical properties

2D Mater., 2020, 7 (4), 045001

From graphene oxide towards aminated graphene: facile synthesis, its structure and electronic properties

Sci. Rep., 2020, 10, 6902

Facile reduction of graphene oxide suspensions and films using glass wafers

Sci. Rep., 2018, 8, 14154

Nanoscale Perforation of Graphene Oxide during Photoreduction Process in the Argon Atmosphere

J. Phys. Chem. C 2016, 120, 28261−28269

Segregated Network Polymer Composites with High Electrical Conductivity and Well Mechanical Properties based on PVC, P(VDF-TFE), UHMWPE, and rGO

ACS Omega, 2020, 5, 39, 25148–25155

Graphene Oxide/Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogels

IntechOpen, 2018, p. 39-55

Explosive Reduction of Graphite Oxide by Hydrazine Vapor at Room Temperature

Doklady Physical Chemistry, 2018, 478 (3), p. 11-14

Graphene Technology is the core of a group of projects:
Graphene gas sensors
Graphene supercapacitors
Graphene aptasensors
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